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Polina Choparinova

Polina Choparinova

Working for Google

Artificial Intelligence ​​is just a tool in favour of the people

The first victim of every war is the truth

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Issue 1 – October 2015

Polina Choparinova is one of those people who never get bored. She is always busy with several things simultaneously and welcomes any interesting project with a great deal of enthusiasm. She was born in Sofia, but she has been living in Germany for the last 12 years. At the University of Mannheim, she completed a Master’s programme in German Philology and Media and communications. Currently, she is working on her doctoral work and participates in international conferences in Europe and Russia, dedicated to the role of linguistics in the preparation of advertising messages. She established the online school www.language-classroom.net, where she teaches German and helps people from different countries to learn the language at home, at a time convenient for them.

Her ambition is to motivate young people to learn languages, to educate themselves, to read, to watch less television and to learn to think critically. She is a great admirer of Zeno’s theory that knowledge is a circle, which is limited, and outside of it there are many unknown issues. The bigger the knowledge, the greater the circle, i.e. the border with the unknown. She does not believe that beauty will save the world ….

She likes travelling, learning foreign languages, meeting people from different countries, going to the theater, and climbing has been her new passion recently.


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