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Photo calendar - let's promote beauty

By Ivan Belchev
Images: Nikolay Kovachev

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Who Nikolay Kovachev is: ecological engineer by profession, and traveller, photographer and researcher in his spare time.

You may be a photographer, tourist, speleologist or paraglider. But the motivation to travel is multi-layered and it mixes different attitudes. It’s often a result from a particular emotional state. Sometimes the conditions for photography are great and you map out some specific locations. Other times it’s simply a desire to run away and hide for a while among the vast expanse. It’s often a response to a spontaneous impulse for travelling, which is inexplicable and different for everyone, and it’s also the willingness to respond. But of course, I always have my camera with me, because usually beautiful images can’t be made under a preliminary scenario. And if I have to sum up, I want to promote the beauty of the Bulgarian nature and seek ways for that when I travel. Photography is just one of those ways.  

It’s hard to reveal the beauty and majesty of Bulgaria in only thirteen frames. Each of them represents a moment caught by the lens, and actually everyone has its fascinating history – years spent in search, anticipation and dreams.

The calendar “Tales of Bulgaria” for 2017 can be bought on my Facebook page. The format is 54x48cm. Send me a message on Facebook for further details on your order.


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