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Untouchable book Untouchable book
Ivan Belchev

Issue 1 – October 2015

Kristiyan Malinov and his book series Untouchable

A series, inspired by Harry Potter – a personal favorite of millions of readers all over the world.

If you could write your own review of the Untouchable series, what would it be?

A series, inspired by Harry Potter – a personal favorite of millions of readers all over the world. It has a little something for every taste, so it won’t disappoint anyone. Detailed portraying of each of the characters and the environment they’re in, as well as a dynamical course. The ending of each of the books will leave you eager to read the next one, and the finale of the series will not disappoint you either. But listen carefully to my words – do not get attached to any of the characters, because you might be afflicted by the way their faiths turn out

What’s your impact on your readers? What are your goals?

Everyone, who was read Untouchable and Rebirth, are constantly telling me that the series has a bright future. They can’t wait for Rising to be released too, so that they can enjoy it as well. My books have made people, who don’t usually read much to do it with interest and intent. I’m happy that they like it so far, and I hope to keep it that way in the future.
inspired by Harry Potter
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In your novels, you don’t have boundaries. What are the boundaries in real life? Yours, and others’?

Boundaries are something, which every individual must determine for himself, but not in a way, in which they would limit him. They must work in a way to help him achieve his goals successfully. For me, personally, boundaries are equal to balance – balance between work, and what you’re doing when you’re not working. In writing, it’s hard to put boundaries, because you need to write while you are inspired – if you miss that, the product you’re working on might not turn out as good as you’d hope it to be. A piece of advice from me – never strain yourself to do something you love without having the motivation to do it.

Your books are published both in English and Bulgarian. Does that stimulate you?

Definitely. The first time I published my book was really amazing; to see something you’ve been working on long and hard… It’s indescribable. I wish it to every one of you.

You’re marketing your work successfully. Tell us about your strategies.

The most important thing in marketing is making the people want your work. Make it so that they can’t stop thinking about it. You need to show them it’s really worth their while, and when they finally see that, they’ll tell their friends, and they will do the same, and the wheel starts turning on its own. It worked for me, especially after the different contests I made up with the fantasy forums here in Bulgaria (thanks for that, guys!).
Would you help other authors with advice?

They shouldn’t be afraid to show their work to the world. The fear that it might not fit in or that it won’t be liked could only be defeated only after the work reaches the public.

What do you expect from your education in university?

I expect something incredible. My interest in ancient Egyptian culture and religion is a huge deal ever since I was a child, which would somehow explain why I decided to study Egyptology. I also think I could use my knowledge in the series, since I’ll study Latin and Ancient Greek, but let’s not dig into that matter any further.

Would you ever stop writing?

No. No artist, regardless if he’s a writer, a painter, a singer, etc., should ever abandon their work. If you find peace and joy in what you do, just do it. It’s that simple.
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