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Nasimo graffiti art
Plamena Petkova

Issue 3 – December 2015

Nasimo – in the world of graffiti art

Painter, graffiti writer, and for some time one of the main responsibles for the existence of Goloka Souldiers Movement and Wear – a movement involving graffiti, music, design of youth street clothing and much more.

Say hello to Stanislav Trifonov, known to all as Nasimo.

Plamena Petkova for Success Stories Mag:
Let’s go back at the beginning. When did you start painting and doing graffiti?

Hello! I started to paint and doing graffiti for the first time in 1995, when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

A friend of mine has brought some sprays.

He already had some idea what to do with them and we wrote some things on the walls like “SK8 OR DIE” because we were skaters.
Graffiti girl © Nasimo
There are a lot of images of women and cats in your art. Are they your biggest muse and where else do you get your inspiration from?

I go through different artistic phases constantly. This period was between 2005 to approximately 2008.

Then my muse were mostly women and cats. Cats were generally in my paintings since I was a little boy. Even my mother showed me my first drawings and they are cats.

But otherwise there is inspiration absolutely everywhere and for a while now I begin to find it even in the smallest things. Which is amazing, because before

I found inspiration just in specific things, but now I begin to discover it also in the insignificant.

They at first glance seem insignificant, but actually everything has a big meaning.
graffiti of a girls © Nasimo
Graffiti of a baby © Nasimo
grandfather Dorbi
Urban creature
Hristo Botev © Nasimo; grandfather Dorbi; Urban creature; “The daybreak” project
Tell us a little bit more about your projects: Urban creatures and The Dawn Project definitely make a strong impression with the huge paintings on the walls of various buildings. Among them in addition to positive pictures in bright sunny colors with messages of love and peace, there are many prominent world famous persons like Elder Dobry, Petar Danov, Nikola Tesla, Mother Teresa, Lev Tolstoy and others. What inspired you to do these projects and what is their main message, the main effect you want to achieve on the people through them?

I`ve chosen faces of people who somehow have changed my life and worldview and all these people were more or less revolutionary.

The message of all of them was peace, love and freedom. And they were all looking for this freedom and this selfless and most pure love, which I think I am also starting to find and with each passing second and every day I start to feel increasingly closer to this most pure and sacred thing everyone craves. These things are found in the fine matter, in spiritual things.

That is why I chose these persons, who are very bright and a good example for people and I continue to do so. Most of the people have a very positive attitude towards them, so they are easily assimilated by the audience. So I use them to deliver the same message that they wanted to deliver too.

Perhaps one has done it more consciously, others unconsciously – it doesn`t matter – I do it consciously.

I just want to remind everyone that we have to try asking ourselves the most important questions, especially about ourseleves. Who are we? Where do we come from? What is this film, which we live in? Is there something we do not see, but it exist?..etc.
You have participated in various events and exhibitions here and abroad. When and what was for you the breakthrough that pushed you straight up to success?

I cannot say I’m super successful. I’m actually still at quite low level compared to the world artists. But mostly my going abroad, in Canada, made the big jump in my career because there I met so many persons, many experts in certain areas and they helped me to open my eyes and mind for more things, that are now helping me in art and in life.
In this context, let me ask you – how a young artist manages to sell his pieces in Canada for thousands of dollars?

You just have to do the things from the heart, selflessly, without thinking about what it will bring you. If you have a pure motive and do things selflessly, they succeed. I don`t chase success, definitely. I don`t do things in order to be approved. I just express what I think and what I feel.

© Nasimo
Did all of this changed your life, and if yes – how?

What I’ve realized is that everything changes life. Each one thought changes life. Especially certain events that happen to us, like going abroad and suddenly remaining there alone, trying to do the things you love even without having financial support. All these things really build the character and can make you truly human. For me, the difficulties are the biggest teacher.
You’re one of the founders of the Goloka movement. Would you explain the idea in more details?

We found Goloka together with Gerata. We haven`t thought about it. We just met and realized that we have many common interests, even though he is in the rap scene, I am in graffiti art, we have a common mission.

So we decided that we should do a project together. He wanted to deal with clothes and I said, that`s great, because ever since I can remember I do constantly designs, logos and such work for some brands. I thought – OK, we’ll make a brand of clothes.

It started as a wear brand, but later we realized that it’s not good the only goal to be just another brand on the market. So we decided to focus more on the artistic projects that we do.
Goloka © Goloka
We are kind of activists. Everything we do has a certain goal to change something. Our main goal is to change ourselves and if we succeed, we hope that our example might change someone else too and we hope this would be a good thing. I mean we`re going around and constantly ask questions.

We constantly try to figure out what is the ultimate good that can help all people, that would have a great meaning for absolutely everyone – not just people, but for our whole environment, for the whole nature and for all living beings in general.

So we decided that it is best to unite different artists from different spheres, who have such ideas as us, are little more idealists, believe in the good in people and are trying to provoke this part of the people; to unite, to support each other and thus it becomes some kind of movement. So we decided –ok it is clear that this is already a movement, because we have already artists like Ivan Shopov, Ivan Moskov, MD Beddah..

Out in space studio are also involved with pretty good hits, Milen Balbuzanov and more people on the same vibe like us, are beginning to join. We have some principles that we try to follow and thereby we set an example.
Nasimo art © Nasimo
graffiti in bulgaria © Nasimo
graffiti in sofia © Nasimo
graffiti in nyc © Nasimo
graffiti in munich © Nasimo
graffiti studio © Nasimo
graffiti maker © Nasimo
graffiti of love © Nasimo;
Do you have other current projects and what things can we expect from you in the near future?

In general, I don`t like to speak about my performances in the future. I hope there will be something soon. I’m working hard on some things, but they still remain a secret because until I am convinced that I have the desired result, that I seek, I don`t want to talk.

What are your long term dreams?

My dreams are more focused on the spiritual sphere. I dream simply to become a real self-aware person. Aware of myself, aware of nature, aware of God, in general aware.

Because when we are aware of who we are, where we come from and what is our true identity, then we can engage in real things, the things that are really important in life.

Picture of graffiti artist Nasimo © Nasimo
What would you advise our readers who are yearning for success in their endeavors? What qualities and actions are needed?

Mostly to be true seekers. I think if you are absolutely true, sincere and open-minded seeker of the ultimate truth, you will find it.
But you must abandon prejudices and barriers that you have built around yourself and not only you, but also those others have built for you and then we will see that actually the light is everywhere and the darkness remains far behind.

Even on this graphite with Elder Dobry, I have written the qualities that everyone would be good to remember and to try to kind of bring them back, because each one of us has all these qualities.
Elder qualities © Nasimo; Elder Dobry qualities
They are hidden deep in our hearts, we just have to dig them out, to find them and start practicing them. Then things work out by themself.

Until then we will never be completely satisfied. And when you are unsatisfied, what can you do?!
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