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I want to leave a mark in people’s hearts through my music!

By Ivelina Dimitrova
Images: Albena Biserova

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Albena Biserova is a talented young lady, charged with positive energy. At the age of 12 she moved with her whole family to Spain. She passed through many difficulties in life, in order to reach her current stage. Each new day she rediscovers herself, decisive and ambitious.

“Before I moved to Spain, I didn’t know anything about her, but her music”

I’ve been working with music as a singer and I organize cultural events, sometimes all at once! Last summer I organized a charity music festival and decided to surprise the audience with a presentation of my group.

I have been professionally engaged in music for a year. The style of the band is jazz fusion, because there are a variety of genres (pop, rock, soul, blues …) arising from the essence of jazz.

The Spanish scene goes through crises and stages that impose listening to the most commercial music – made to kill the desire of many talents, unfortunately … Now it’s fashionable to organize thousands of festivals – allegedly pop or rock, but everywhere we meet many indie groups. There is scene for other styles, of course, but they are quite suppressed. It’s not easy, if you just wait for someone to knock on your door and beg you. But there are two ways to make a break: money or will, and if you combine them … Superstar! For now, I get positive criticism, I strive to improve my vocal and scenic quality, but also to keep the vision of the group so there is harmony in it.

Everyone who puts in will and perseverance in what they do, sooner or later will achieve their goals!

Djazzling Creatures

Djazzling Creatures is our group together with Hiro Saulong, a Spanish guitarist with more than fifteen years’ experience. We started as a duo and we plan to stick to this format in terms of image, but there are two musical formats that we are involved in: electroacoustic duo and a fully electric one – a group with a bassist, drummer and another guitarist. I think we’re diverse, musically speaking, we write in English and Spanish and in our works we have no particular theme that connects different songs. There is content for an audience that is very sensitive; also for really strong people, even for those who are confused or love dancing and forget about problems.


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