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The world of ballet through the lens of Denislav Kanev

Interview with Denislav Kanev

By Veselina Borisova

Do you believe in art? And do you love it? How strong this love and faith must be to devote your childhood and keep it in times of denial at some places and digitalization all around. Denislav is a ballet dancer. He has lived for years in Germany, where he remains true to his dream of expressing himself through the language of dance. He has merged with his profession and I feel that he is ready to zealously protect it, if necessary. And so it should be. Because he loves what he does. He loves the art of ballet. And he is also engaged in another art – photography. Let me immerse you in the magic of dance through the words and photographs of Denislav.

Each choreography is a dream for dancing, because our time on stage as dancers is short.

In 2015, together with Zachary Chant we founded De-Da Productions. Our first project was for the Mainz Ballet. Then we did a photo exhibition in Hamburg and at the same time we worked on our first silent dance film.

Dance is something that you experience, you can’t keep it on a photo or video. That’s a feeling you can’t re-create through media.

Male ballet dancer © Regina Brocke
film premiere © Denislav Kanev
Photographic exhibition Berlin © De-Da Productions
An exhibition of Bulgarian photographer © De-Da Productions
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exhibition of ballet in Germany © De-Da Productions
Pictures Ballerina © De-Da Productions
Black and white photography © De-Da Productions
Балет черно бяла фотография © De-Da Productions

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