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10 Inspirational and Motivational Stories

Here they are, in interviews, in stories about their lives, and a display of their talents

modern community center

А modern community center as a cultural center in the city

penguin family

The Mammals of Antarctica

Research stations Antarctica

Research stations in Antarctica: The Bulgarian Base

Martial arts

Martial arts as a way of life

Halfbike 3 – The New Type of Urban Vehicle

joseph kenedy

Joseph Kenedy - The digital nomad

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vladimir tenev robinhood

Robin Hood to help Wall Street

Traveling through Asia for two months as a backpacker

paintings mihov

Banker by day, artist by night: the works of Mihov in London and Los Angeles

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quality products delivery

Bulgaria Store - selection of quality Bulgarian products for delivery abroad

youth active jump happy people

When you are young...

Boris Georgiev

Higher and free education in Denmark

How to get a job in London

Nicholas Oakwell Illustration

A young designer enters the world of haute couture

London eye and river

Every business requires absolute dedication

Photo calendar - let's promote beauty

phd student switzerland

Working for Google

Veselin Raichev

Artificial Intelligence ​​is just a tool in favour of the people

talented young lady

I want to leave a mark in people’s hearts through my music!

The Success Stories Magazine will showcase them. Find your ambition and your place that will allow you to feel the freedom to make your dreams come true.

The aim is to reach all the people believing in themselves who insist on proving their worth; people who need inspiration in order to continue making all the small steps until they reach their goal.

Showcasing inspirational and motivational success stories leads to taking resolute actions.

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