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By Success Stories Team
Images: Evgeni Dinev

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Ambitious people realize themselves all around the world. In the online journal Inspirational Stories of Successful People you will get to know these persons through stories from their lives and showing their talents.

What is common between successful people and what stimulates them to make small steps to the goal? Once the goal is achieved, do they continue in the same direction or start something completely different?

Hi, my name is Ivan and am in search of the answers to these questions.

Through interviews with successful people, each month I and a small team of author will reveal to you different perspectives.

We want to continue to issue our online journal and to make it even bigger with different formats:

• To publish free PDFs and ebooks with the most interesting interviews
• To prepare podcasts
• To record and publish video interviews on Youtube.
• To reach more readers by advertising on Google and Facebook.
• To employ one person, who will coordinate the authors, answer questions from readers and will take care of our accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
• To translate the best interview in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, German and Japanese.

Even the smallest support from you is worth it
, because through small steps we will achieve our goal – to motivate and inspire by telling the stories of successful people from all over the world using texts, audio and video content.

The full story

The aim of the online journal is to reach people, who believe in themselves and prove themselves on a daily basis. People, who need inspiration to keep on taking the small steps toward their goals. Showing successful examples stimulates and leads to affirmative actions.

Losing focus, trapped in the grey everyday life, some of us degrade, forgetting their dreams. They need rebooting, turning their world upside down. One of the ways to do that is to read how other people have done it, people who have succeeded.

Find your ambition and find the place, which gives you the freedom to make it come true.
“Inspiring stories of successful people” shows the ways of persons, who successfully fought their problems and achieved their goals. Our heroes are from all over the world, of different professions and with different understanding of “success”. Innovators, athletes, musicians, artists, mothers, businessmen, photographers, bohemians, travelers – these are but a few from the large pallet of our guests.

Up until now “Inspiring stories of successful people” is a labor of love of a team of volunteers: 10 authors, a corrector, a graphic designer and a consultant working together for 3 years.

We have proven that our articles are being read – We have over 2300 Facebook fans and the number increases by the day. Over 500 people are subscribed for our e-mail bulletin. We have over 1000 Instagram fans.


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