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Issue 3 – December 2015

Luisa Grigorovа

actress, model and producer

Luisa Grigorovа is known to the public as an actress, model and producer of the film “Black Files”. Conspiracy organizations, human trafficking and terrorist attacks are the main themes in the script.

For the filming, however, the team needs funds which they are trying to collect through the so-called crowdfunding platforms.

Today we are talking with Luisa about the ambition, aspirations and dreams of a young girl who can and should serve as an example to be followed.

Polina Choparinova for Success Stories Mag:
Describe yourself using a few adjectives which mostly refer to you.

Luisa Grigorovа:
The first adjectives that come to my mind are: sensitive, restless, militant, changeable, smiling, crying, smiling again, confused…
You participate in a musical about food – “Eat me.” How did it happen that you joined the project?

Although this is a project of an undergraduate producer, I was called to an audition and won my role.

How is it to work with Nigel Barbar, one of the actors in the film, and what have you learnt from him?

It was hard in the beginning, as he approached it with suspicion, but the ice quickly melted, we started getting on great and even helping each other.
Vasil Germanov photos © Vasil Germanov
tree of life © tree of life
Poster Black Files © Black Files; Poster
You are the producer of Black Files! Tell our readers about this project! How and when did the idea occurred to you?

This is a film on a topic that is up-to-date right now – it is about terrorism, organized crime, human trafficking, lies, action … We are convinced that this is a story that will capture the viewers around the world. We have launched a campaign on the site, where everyone can enter, send us a few dollars, so that we can bring to light this project of ours.

© Luisa Grigorovа
What is the most daring dream of yours related to Black Files?

I strongly believe that a man is as big as his dreams are, and that’s why I am not afraid to dream of Black Files in a huge scale.
How much money do you need to collect, till when and how will you use them? Tell the people, who are not part of this environment, why the production of a film is an expensive pleasure?

To shoot a movie with the quality, the picture and the sound we want, with the presence of the action scenes, including shooting from helicopters, breakage of cars, stunts, closing large road sections and thousands more things, to select good actors, to have a long enough preliminary preparation and a post-production of a quality good enough – to do these things in America, we will need about 20 billion dollars.

This is the sum normally covering the cost of such an action movie there. However, we will make it in Bulgaria, where everything is much cheaper, as long as one has the skills to do it. Thank God, our team is only composed of great professionals and because of this the film will cost about 1.9 million dollars. Stated like this, the cost is not so frightening.
Ivet Fashion Models © Ivet Fashion
Ivet Fashion © Ivet Fashion
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