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Every business requires absolute dedication

Interview with Rennie Chamasanyan

By Julia Jarvis
Images: Rennie Chamasanyan
Cover image: Pexels

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Rennie Chamasanyan has been living in London for nearly 14 years. As every beginning is difficult, Rennie’s was not an easy one as well, but she always knew she would succeed. For seven years she worked as a financial director at a TV in London and for four years she has had her own financial firm. Her great passion is construction, but what makes her extremely happy is her family, her husband Hovanes and their one-year old son Georgi.

At the beginning of my new life in England I was working at three places and slept for three or four hours a night to have money to pay my bills and rent. I bought a house almost a year later.

I moved to London and started looking for a job. I lived with my best friend in the centre of London and I started work almost outside London. Every day I travelled for an hour and a half. While everyone was coming from the outskirts to the centre to work, I was doing the opposite … but one morning I was running because I was late and I fell on the street … A bus almost ran me over and stopped just a meter away from me because I crossed on a red light. I was so scared and I decided that this was the last time I do this to myself and decided to quit. I went to the office with torn pants and told them I was done. Then I decided that I would look for a job within walking distance and wouldn’t need to travel any more. And so it happened. After some time I went to an interview at a television and to my great happiness they liked me. I had to walk to the office for just ten minutes!


Rennie Chamasanyan

Work in television was probably the dream of every person with a wish to fulfil themselves. I was financial director for the entire television and the offices abroad. I travelled to Brazil, Ukraine, France. I had assistants, an office, a driver, business trip costs, but above all my word had weight and people respected me a lot. I had many rights and duties, of course. I learned a lot and now this helps me every day. After years I left because I knew and could do everything and only the owners were above me. I didn’t want to limit my development and wanted to use my time in a better way.

Every business mostly requires absolute dedication. It’s not so important how much money you will invest but how much effort and desire you have. Will, ambition … I think these are more important than capital. I started my financial business with an old laptop and the construction business – with a small tape measure.

Accounting business is something that I really feel comfortable with. Our office is not large, but everyone is at a very high level. We have a lawyer who deals with all legal issues and immigration lawyers. My clients have full confidence in me – I have had clients for five years that I’ve never met in person. I try to do everything online and by mail. I respect the laws of England and I think that I advise people in the most efficient manner.

My formula for success is a lot of work, good assessment of the circumstances, screening of situations, risks and especially to be accompanied by someone who inspires you. There is nothing more devastating than being with someone who doesn’t make you happy. This can’t be good for your success, neither personal nor professional. The person beside you is very important … really! This person should make you give the best you are capable of, to be your support when you need it, to make you feel loved, valued and irreplaceable.


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