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Boyan Bochev

Boyan Bochev

First publication:

Issue 1 – October 2015

Boyan Bochev is a music journalist, PR and selector, 26 years old, from Sofia. Creator and engine of the programme Shuffle – music without restrictions, a show for new music from around the world, launched in 2010 as an online project.

He is led by an idea: the new in art, the modern understanding of the world, the new communication and of course, colorful new music. His ambition is to familiarize more and more young Bulgarians with the current trends in contemporary music and to establish in them interest and curiosity about this kind of culture. Leading for him is the bypassing of unnecessary boundaries and the creation of a new and creative society.

He is a great admirer of John F. Kennedy and logically, the motto leading him is: “We choose to go to the Moon, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard …”

In short, he feels like living…
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