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Veterinarian is building a successful career

Interview with Dr. Anton Borisov

By Diyan Rusev
Images: Dr. Anton Borisov

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Dr. Anton Borisov is bravely conquering the peaks of professional and personal life up to date. He is young, successful and dedicated to charity in his free time.

After graduating I went to France, where I lived and worked as a veterinarian in different regions of the country, until I settled in Alsace – a region with unique nature, rich cultural heritage and strong economics. The most valuable thing in this region is the people, who make all this possible.

As a veterinarian and a surgeon, I treat and operate cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles and even guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and birds. Emergency calls are my favorite. During an emergency shift you never know what case will arrive and you have to make quick decisions on the spot.

I am also a sanitary veterinarian in the Alsace region, Haut Rhin area.

The difficulties I encountered were the fears, that I had earlier, and which I overcame – the thoughts that I will not manage, that I will make a mistake and someone will suffer because of me. The responsibility of a veterinarian is not only for the animal, but for the owner as well.

The difficulties were mainly of professional nature. As well as you may be prepared theoretically, practice is very important. At the beginning I was startled when someone called me “doctor”. Now I am the most happy when patients are leaving the clinic on their four legs.

I learned I should never give up my dreams. Everyone can achieve his ideas with hard work, perseverance and honesty.

I relax mostly in nature. I love skiing. Snowshoes’ hiking in the mountain is one of my favorites too. I love summer activities too. I enjoy mountain biking, jet-skiing, kayaking and windsurfing. I use every opportunity to travel as much as I can.

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