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success stories mag issue 1 cover success stories mag issue 1 cover

Issue 1

Ambitious people realise their full potential anywhere in the world

Here they are, in interviews, in stories about their lives, and a display of their talents.

The Success Stories Magazine will showcase them. Find your ambition and your place that will allow you to feel the freedom to make your dreams come true.

The aim is to reach all the people believing in themselves who insist on proving their worth; people who need inspiration in order to continue making all the small steps until they reach their goal.

Showcasing success is always inspiring and leads to taking resolute actions.

Sometimes, having lost our purpose, leading a mundane existence, many of us have all but forgotten their dreams. They need a restart, a turn in just the opposite direction. A way of doing this is by reading what others have achieved and how they have managed to realise their full potential.

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Ruth Koleva Ruth Koleva

Ruth Koleva – a successful soul, jazz, and R’n’B singer

Her last record, RUTH, became an instant hit in the UK Soul Chart as well as in the BBC playlists and in many other media.

maths genie maths genie

Peter Gaydarov on the beauty of solving a maths problem

Peter is a student at Cambridge. His main interest is the science of mathematics; he started working hard on his maths skills in grade eight.

Life on boat Life on boat

A Life in the Ocean

A family decides to sell everything in order to live on a boat and sail around the globe. Meet Ivo and Mira, 39, and their 12-year-old daughter, Maya.

Science Magazine Science Magazine

Science BG Magazine

Science BG was founded by two brothers who are so curious and eager to learn that their daily commitment to scientific research is not enough for them.

Harry Potter inspiration Harry Potter inspiration

Kristiyan Malinov and his book series Untouchable

A series, inspired by Harry Potter – a personal favorite of millions of readers all over the world.

drift driver drift driver

Alexander Yazov, the Matrix – drift driver

We have all seen those guys who fly with a hundred km/h down the road, pull the handbrake at the last moment before the turn and make their cars move in a totally unnatural way, sideways.

Craft Beer Craft Beer

Craft Beer Ailyak

Georgi Hristov is the man behind Ailyak Craft Beer. His daily job as a financial analyst does not stop him from analyzing the process of crafting a beer.

berlin sofia berlin sofia

Alexander Naydenov

He defines himself as a “vremigrant” (temporary emigrant) from Berlin, Germany, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering

Nedelcho Laskov about NASA and Aerospace Engineering

Member of the team that won NASA’s Ames Space Settlement Contest in 2014. Currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Liverpool.

dance passion dance passion

Diana Alexandrova – dancing is my first love and greatest passion

She believes in herself and has decided to follow her heart so that her life changes in a way that she feels happy every single moment of it.


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