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How to Fly a Drone - Make Aero Photos

By Success Stories Team
Images: Vladislav Terziyski

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Is it easy to operate a drone and what are the peculiarities of shooting aero photos?
Vladislav Terziyski:
A lot of imagination is needed for one to imagine how things could look from the air, but it is a lot of fun.

Shooting with a drone is risky, since, even though being quite sophisticated, these toys are not very reliable. They depend on humidity, wind, temperature, radio pollution, birds also appear to be a great danger to the integrity of the drone, and many other factors.

In other words, you must take into consideration many things so as not to turn several thousands of dollars into a scrap heap. Another important condition is that one needs to have more experience that allows making the right decisions in different situations during the flight, and before that.

beach photo by drone

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