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Night Photography with Tripod

By Success Stories Team
Images: Vladislav Terziyski

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Night photography are among the most popular photographs on your Facebook site. Tell us the story of one frame of yours.
Vladislav Terziyski:
It was about 10 years ago, during the winter. I was going alone from Borovets, Bulgaria with a destination peak Musala. I arrived there at dark.

I had something to eat in the meteorological station and took a rest after the few hours of walking. I took the tripod and went out and there …you got the feeling of millions of stars watching down on you. Being above the everyday problems, far from everything, only you with yourself and nature.

This is how 2 hours passed imperceptibly, although the temperature was minus 10 degrees.

The photos taken that night participated in two exhibitions, in spite of the fact that these were my first attempts in night photography.


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