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Feel the Beauty of Nature

By Ivan Belchev
Images: Vladislav Terziyski

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Many people stay in towns and cities and do not often go out of them. How would you make these people go out and feel the beauty of nature with all their senses?
Vladislav Terziyski:
Anyone being asked by me if he/she likes mountains, says, “Oh, yes, I like mountains”, but the truth is that most people find it difficult to find their way to it.

When I started going to the mountains, there were not so many young people, but over time I have noticed that I meet more and more people of my age and younger.

Monument on top of a mountain


Yellow field in summer

Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria

Famous bridge in Bulgaria

Trees and River Aero Photo

Bulgaria Black Sea

Boats on the sea

Black Sea coast

Waterwall in Bulgaria by Drone

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