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Ivan Belchev

Issue 2 – November 2015

Co-working and positive people

Venelin is 24 years old. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and a Master’s degree in Business economics.

He loves to travel, and his main interests are related to history, the discovery and exploration of new, unknown places.

Ivan Belchev for Success Stories Mag:
You manage a shared workspace. Tell us about what type of office this is?

Beehive gathers a group of people who work independently, but share the same values ​​and are interested in the synergy that occurs when working with like-minded and talented professionals in the same space.

The aim of Beehive is to provide people with a different workplace, to gather and unite conceptual and creative individuals with similar interests, to be an environment for efficient development of individual business interests. Besides offering a comfortable and quiet office space, the main purpose of Beehive is to build a community of enterprising people who develop innovative projects. To achieve this, we organize various educational and social events such as workshops and networking.

What are the positive aspects of working in such a place?

The positive thing is that I am constantly surrounded by positive and active people who make things happen, working on their ideas. These are people who are often pioneers and change things in their fields of work, and I am proud to say that the people, who work in Beehive, are exactly of this type.

What is valuable about the shared workspace is that it provides an opportunity for collaboration between people who are part of the team, and between those who have just rented the place. Daily we have cases in which our tenants help each other, share valuable experience and even outsource business to each other.
What is common between successful people?

There is no universal path to success. If you speak with one hundred people, each success story will be different.

What unites all successfully realized people is that they deal with things they love.

The old saying is true: “Find what you love, and you will not spend even one working day”.
What steps do we have to take in order to start living in a better environment?

Every change starts on a personal level. First, we must change ourselves.

We should complain less and act more.

When we come across a problem, our first reaction should not be to identify the guilty person, but to roll up our sleeves and solve the problem.

The formula for a good life is simpler than the one of water in chemistry – find something in your life that annoys you. Something that makes your soul hurt when you see it. And once you find it, work for its solution, and if you do not know how to do this, connect with other people who are working on the issue.

In this way, through joint efforts and small but persistent steps, we will start living in a better environment.
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