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Success Stories Mag

Issue 2

Posts in this issue:

Hitchhiking around Asia – Roving Snails

Champion in ramp skating and freestyle skiing

Hayes & Y – a new name on the London stage

Co-working and positive people

From the carting love to the passion to create the supercars Sin Cars

Gergana Rohner – A creative personality In Switzerland

Photo stories in nature

Christmas wishes

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How many times have you needed a push to make you keep going? Has this push come from a person or a success story? Many of us fall into such holes of mind and wonder how to proceed.

Success stories are buried under the daily news, which are unnecessary and depressive in most cases.

Our objective is to discover success stories so as to stimulate you. We will present them here every month. Read us on your mobile phone, tablet and computer. Subscribe and you will receive a new issue.

This is issue 2. Enjoy reading!

Ivan Belchev, founder of Success Stories Mag

Asia travel Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking around Asia – Roving Snails

Boris, Marta and Burma are an international team of two people and a cat. They have spent the last two years travelling together around Asia – walking along paths and hitchhiking along roads.

skating bulgaria Champion in ramp skating

Champion in ramp skating and freestyle skiing

Nicky Little is a champion in ramp skating, champion in freestyle skiing in the discipline big air, slope style, half-pipe. He became third at X games in China.

London stage new band Hayes Hillingdon UK

Hayes & Y – a new name on the London stage

Today we will meet a contemporary musical band. They are Hayes & Y! Maybe exactly the “Y” (a homophone of “Why?”) will be the thread of my interview with Blago Atanasov – frontman and guitarist, and Rado Lozanov – lead guitarist of the group.

positive people Co-working space

Co-working and positive people

Venelin is 24 years old. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and a Master’s degree in Business economics. He loves to travel, and his main interests are related to history, the discovery and exploration of new, unknown places.

Sin Cars Син Карс

From the carting love to the passion to create the supercars Sin Cars

Rosen Daskalov is a pilot, engineer, designer of supercars and a businessman. After a year of sleepless nights, the hard work gives results and the team of SIN CARS introduces their first prototype SIN R1.

creative in Switzerland Gergana Rohner

Gergana Rohner – A creative personality in Switzerland

A girl in Switzerland, combining the talent and the creativity of an artist, the ambition of an entrepreneur and the radiance of a friend.

image from Bulgaria Photo stories

Photo stories in nature

The photos by Evgeni Dinev depict the bated breath of nature. He is constantly on the way in search of landscapes hidden for the ordindary eye. You can meet him long before sunrise on a peak, pinched with cold but watching for the exact moment when nature awakens.

Alexander Verbeek

sockings christmas

Decoration ideas for Christmas: Advent Calendars and Stockings
Veselin Raichev

Artificial Intelligence ​​is just a tool in favour of the people
Martial arts

Martial arts as a way of life

Meet the winner of the NASA competition about colonies outside the Earth

Mountains, night photography and sports events the photographs of Vladislav Terziyski
paintings mihov

Banker by day, artist by night: the works of Mihov in London and Los Angeles
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