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Ekaterina Larsson

Ekaterina Larsson

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May 2016

Ekaterina Larsson is a writer and explorer interested in people, art, sustainability, start-ups and new technology. She is from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria but has lived and worked in the US, UK, Switzerland and for the past 12 years – in Sweden. Armed with a BA degree in Business and Journalism from AUBG and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Chicago, Ekaterina first took the path of a Marketing expert. Down the road she felt she wanted to write more and transitioned to Marketing Communications and Digital Communications.

Her belief is that we should all work for an idea bigger than ourselves – we should try to save the world! A little step at a time. Ekaterina first worked for humanitarian causes at UNHCR, and then got interested in CSR and Sustainability. She says:” I believe that we all can do something to contribute to a global effort to live in a more environmentally conscious way– bike instead of taking the car, choose ecologically grown products near us, buy second hand instead of buying new things all the time. Companies especially nowadays have no excuse not to invest in sustainability. It is a expected from them by governments, employees and societies!”

Ekaterina is running her own Digital Communications company – Ekaterina Larsson DigiCom – and teaching Bulgarian to kids from different ages. In her spare time, she loves to travel, dance, read books, do yoga, run, plant flowers and spend time with family and friends.


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