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Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis
Photograph for:

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Issue 3

Annie Trippah – a creative personality in Finland

The talent of Preyah

Mountains, night photography and sports events the photographs of Vladislav Terziyski

Graham Jarvis

Julia Jarvis

Ekaterina Larsson

Issue 2

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Coaching techniques: how to improve your life

Nasimo – in the world of graffiti art

Luiza Grigorova – actress, model and producer


Issue 1

Ruth Koleva – a successful soul, jazz, and R’n’B singer

Boyan Bochev

First publication:

Issue 3 – December 2015

Graham Jarvis is a consultant who coaches people to think and then act to stop bad stuff, such as people getting hurt or becoming ill, from happening in the future.

Sometimes a photographer, he enjoys making portraits of arrivals fromformer communist countries living in Britain, so that the public can see the real faces of a group often misrepresented in the media.

As a Dad and an Uncle, he sometimes write articles and news storiesfor the children in his life about interesting things such as space and minibeasts to encourage their curiosity.

He is learning and applying some mind tricks from the field of Transactional Analysis into his life and writing about his experiences.

Because he loves to be constantly reminded how limited his mental capacities are, he is learning to speak, read and write Bulgarian.
Winter Aerial Photography

Live in harmony with nature
Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur is working with scientists

Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur is Working with Scientists from All Over the World
Daniela James

Natural and bio cosmetics, made in Great Britain

Looking to the future with architect Valeri Gyurov

Alexander Naydenov – one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2017
phd student switzerland

Working for Google
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