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Jeremy? indie rock band
Boian Bochev

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a band that embodies the ambition on the indie rock stage

A band of people who patiently work towards their “big moment” and continue to drive themselves to challenges in directions, different from the known so far.

About opportunities, the onrush, their new production, about what hinders but also helps them and more, and more… We are introducing Jeremy? in a sincere conversation with Ersin Mustafov – frontman and rhythm guitar and Tasho Kolev – leading guitar.

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Boian Bochev for Success Stories Mag:
What ratings and reviews do you get from the media, fans, friends, regarding your new video single “Two Weeks To The Great Escape”? Has the message of the song reached your audience?

We haven’t had a break long enough, during which to give deeper consideration of the media reactions, but what reaches us, makes us happy and a little more confident. Good words, even superlatives, keep on coming to us from our fans and the people around. We are also glad to get some critical and constructive opinions. “Two Weeks” really takes the listeners exactly where we hoped to meet them.

Ерсин Мустафов © Terminal 1
Tasho Kolev © Terminal 1
Music Instruments © Jeremy?
In our increasingly tense life, what makes you really relax? Books, cooking, cinema, sports, TV, music, you say…?

Each of us has something like this. Music is invariably present. It is true that we rarely listen to it as fans, and not as musicians, but it also happens. At the festivals, where we play, we listen to many of our favorite bands’ live performances. It is so nice that there are festivals and they are more and more accessible, with increasingly stronger line-ups. Besides, I (Ersin) experiment in cooking whenever I have time for that. Proper nutrition is important for all of us. I am careful about not missing to watch tennis tournaments (Tash). I’m a big fan of this sport and, of course, of Grisho. We have told ourselves that soon we will have a gig with the Bulgarian ace. Hehe, it’s time. Emo often travels to the seaside and relaxes there with beautiful views, enjoying the sea air. Ross is the busiest one. We made a joke about him that he does not sleep at all. Perhaps the best vacation for him would be to sleep.
For many years you have been living together, I mean, under one roof. Have your relationships changed since you gained more popularity? Could you tell us a funny story which happened in your apartment?
We love a lot to have people around us, so that they share their opinion with us and we do the same with them. We talk about music in general and what to do to create the necessary basis. The change is in the time we manage to spend together without working on something.
Perhaps the one who most misses us is our cat. Usually the cat is angry for a day or two after we have left it for a while because of a tour or recordings. Our home has been very “shaggy” lately. All the time it looks as if it has just woken up, had a party and then went to sleep again.

© Terminal 1
We are looking forward to your debut LP album. Tell me a little more about it!

The album is highly expected, we have worked on it for such a long time, it is a LP one. The link and the most important new member of the band is Yanko Genov. He made the mix and the engineering of all the album songs. His vision of sound coincides with ours, but at the same time it also complements it. The whole album will be completed in Wav Mastering – Dublin, Ireland. This final step makes a big difference. Probably everyone, who listens to the album and to the individual singles already released, will be able to feel it.
What we still need to work on and to seek more help about, is the order of the tracks in the album. Besides, here’s something we have not shared – we have not chosen the cover artwork. It seems that in this aspect we will be mostly in search until the very last moment. Not because we want it to be something complicated. Rather, because we know the importance of the visual message we convey to our current and future fans.
Concert at Terminal 1 © Terminal 1
If you could, what would you first escape from?

Scepticism. From “no” as a whole. In “Hope” we cover this topic. You’ll notice that all the songs in the album bear in themselves a lot of nuances in mood, but most strongly one can feel vitality, a rejection of the empty present.

We want to make a path for many others to pass along it. If we all move together in one direction, the path will fast turn into a path to success, which we still have not achieved in music.
Where do you want to go?

In people’s hearts. Reaching as many hearts as possible. Well, if the question is asked regarding the purely geographical aspect, we still have not been to so many places. America, China, Canada. Still new territories to conquer. But the real test is here in Bulgaria. We are heading to history, but who knows where we’re actually going.
Band at Airport © Jeremy?
Rock Girl dancing © Jeremy?
Indy Rock Concert in London © Jeremy?
Rock band on tour © Jeremy?
Jeremny? live performance © Terminal 1
Club Stroeja in Sofia © Jeremy?
Rock band Bulgaria © Club Stroeja
What hurts and offends you?

Offence mostly harms those who feel it. It is related to uncertainty and lack of root and soil. We refrain from this emotion. If we sometimes happen to lose confidence or any of us is broken-hearted, it is mostly when we fail to give the best of ourselves. When you know that you can do more, but you have not given your best. Then everybody around you feels it, and there is some frustration. This is also something that we refrain from. But it’s not always 100% easy. Sometimes there is also fatigue.
What is your definition of ambition and can one really succeed without it?

To give everything from ourselves and to move together in one direction is what has always provided the greatest effect and has pulled us forward. Otherwise, the word “success” bears a very rich content. Everyone has a different idea about it.

If, after some time, each of us turns back and is happy not only with the final result, but also with the path along which it has been achieved, then everything is OK.

To what degree is that possible? We believe it is! Otherwise we would not be what we do. For us JEREMY? is music and a mission. Or at least this is what we want to think when we’re four of us playing together.
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