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Success Stories Magazine

real life stories of inspirational people

Through interviews with successful people, each month we reveal to you real life inspirational stories of success.

What is common between successful people and what stimulates them to make small steps to the goal? Once the goal is achieved, do they continue in the same direction or start something completely different?

We, the authors of the Success Stories Mag, are in search of the answers to these questions.

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modern community center

А modern community center as a cultural center in the city

penguin family

The Mammals of Antarctica

Research stations Antarctica

Research stations in Antarctica: The Bulgarian Base

Martial arts

Martial arts as a way of life

Halfbike 3 – The New Type of Urban Vehicle

joseph kenedy

Joseph Kenedy - The digital nomad

support us on patreon

Support us on Patreon

vladimir tenev robinhood

Robin Hood to help Wall Street

Traveling through Asia for two months as a backpacker

paintings mihov

Banker by day, artist by night: the works of Mihov in London and Los Angeles

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Higher and free education in Denmark

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Every business requires absolute dedication

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Working for Google

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Artificial Intelligence ​​is just a tool in favour of the people

talented young lady

I want to leave a mark in people’s hearts through my music!







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