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Valya Kancheva

Valya Kancheva
Role in the magazine:


First edit:
Issue 1 – October 2015

Valya Kancheva is the editor of magazine Success Stories Mag.

What does the magazine give you?

The first reading of any text is extremely interesting for me, as I sink into the worldview of the interviewee. And because the magazine is multifaceted, I learn new things, for example, how many types of beer (ale, lager…) there are, original ideas (to live on a yacht, for example), etc. But most important to me is that every personal story touches my heart, I empathize with the happenings, I am pleased with ambition, focus and achievements resulting from hard work and perseverance. I even try to make an assessment whether I have had this in my life.

Tell us about.

I have a childhood memory that often helps me in difficult times, and I have enough of them in my life. I was 5 years old and while taking me out in the garden, my father made me look at the sky, there was a man flying somewhere there. A man in space! It was a miracle for me… I always say to myself that that nothing is impossible, but one should not only want it to come true, but should strive for it.

I have been occupied with many things and there is a lot more that I will accomplish. In the short term – I am getting ready for a major test of my physical and mental endurance- to go along El Camino.

Your motto is …

Smile anyway!

Wish something to our readers.

Follow your dreams, have the tenacity, the courage and the perseverance of these ambitious Bulgarians. And support will come at the right time!
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