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Inspirational Short Success Stories for 2019

TarnovoRUNS – organization for sport and health

Film producer, motivational speaker and productivity coach

Delicious cakes by Lydia conquered London

Decoration ideas for Christmas: Advent Calendars and Stockings

All social media profiles in one place – Interview with Francisco Andreasson CEO at Gaddr

A successful producer of wine about the personal choice of being rich

Female world champion in beatbox

Enhance your CV – on the way up climbing the peaks of success

Break Dance Bgirl Queen Mary – about breaking, stubbornness and the desire for success

Annie Trippah – a creative personality in Finland

Co-working and positive people

Gergana Rohner – A creative personality In Switzerland

Coaching techniques: how to improve your life

Peter Gaidarov on the beauty of solving a maths problem

Craft Beer Ailyak

Diana Alexandrova – dance is the greatest passion


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