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А modern community center as a cultural center in the city

Banker by day, artist by night: the works of Mihov in London and Los Angeles

A young designer enters the world of haute couture

Night Photography with Tripod

How to Fly a Drone – Make Aero Photos

The Photographer Vladislav Terziyski About His Drone

Drone Photography – Earth from Above in Photos

Symbolism of Bulgarian embroidery

A painter with works in Art Louvre Expo Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas

Art Villa Orlova Chuka – guest house in a beautiful Natural Park

Zanara combines in her paintings her passion for folklore, legends and myths

The world of ballet through the lens of Denislav Kanev

How to be a writer and dreamer

The art of creative jewellery designing

Looking to the future with architect Valeri Gyurov

The difference between the good and the great is passion

LAMIJA: Fashion mix of Balkan spirits and Swedish minimalism

Annie Trippah – a creative personality in Finland

Gergana Rohner – A creative personality In Switzerland

Nasimo – in the world of graffiti art

Luiza Grigorova – actress, model and producer

Kristiyan Malinov and his book series Untouchable

Diana Alexandrova – dance is the greatest passion


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