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Vladislav Terziyski
Ivan Belchev

Issue 3 – December 2015

Mountains, night photography and sports events

the photographs of Vladislav Terziyski

When he was a little child, the parents of Vladislav Terziyski took him to the mountain, but the conscious desire to go to high places sprang up in him in 2002.

While rummaging in the closet, he found an old camera “Zenith” – his first contact with photography. He began shooting very actively in 2010. It was then that during winter he started moving with ski in the mountains, thus being able to quickly reach inaccessible and beautiful places.

Photography is a solitary hobby that requires a lot of sacrifices. But when you get up in the morning and go out of the tent to the mountain ridge, looking at the red sky and the horizon from which the sun is about to come up, you realize that all this staying in the cold, the long walking and getting up early are worth it.

Ivan Belchev for Success Stories Mag:
The photographs taken by a drone show familiar places from a very different angle. The combination of it with professionalism results in your photos. What has changed since your first drone flight?

Vladislav Terziyski:
Now my backpack is heavier, because, in addition to the photographic equipment, a tent, sleeping bags and food, I also carry a drone with batteries for it. Many people think that it is enough to make the drone fly and the images are ready by itself, but it does not happen this way. It is the same as in photography – one must select a nice place, interesting point of view and then pray for having the right light.
Veliko Tarnovo © Vladislav Terziyski
Is it easy to operate a drone and what are the peculiarities of shooting at height?

A lot of imagination is needed for one to imagine how things could look from the air, but it is a lot of fun.

Shooting with a drone is risky, since, even though being quite sophisticated, these toys are not very reliable. They depend on humidity, wind, temperature, radio pollution, birds also appear to be a great danger to the integrity of the drone, and many other factors.

In other words, you must take into consideration many things so as not to turn several thousands of BGN into a scrap heap. Another important condition is that one needs to have more experience that allows making the right decisions in different situations during the flight, and before that.
Pirin Mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Rila mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Musala Peak © Vladislav Terziyski
How do you choose your stories?

I do not stop traveling and going about, I do not feel like staying at home at all.

Night scenes are among the most popular photographs on your Facebook site. Tell us the story of one frame of yours.

It was about 10 years ago, during the winter. I was going alone from Borovets with a destination peak Musala. I arrived there at dark.

I had something to eat in the meteorological station and took a rest after the few hours of walking. I took the tripod and went out and there …you got the feeling of millions of stars watching down on you. Being above the everyday problems, far from everything, only you with yourself and nature.

This is how 2 hours passed imperceptibly, although the temperature was minus 10 degrees.

The photos taken that night participated in two exhibitions, in spite of the fact that these were my first attempts in night photography.

© Vladislav Terziyski
It is possible to make one’s living by only being a photographer. What path is ahead of you, until you reach this goal?

I suppose it is possible, but it is a hobby for me.

I think that if I turn photography into my job, I will have one hobby less.
You work as a trader. How do you combine photography with work?

My job is related to cameras and lenses, but not to shooting.

What is “unpleasant” is that I have access to the latest models of photographic equipment, which often leads to large investments.
Vladislav Terziyski selfportrait © Vladislav Terziyski
Vihren Peak © Vladislav Terziyski
Vitosha Mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Pirin Mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Panevritmia © Vladislav Terziyski
Rodopi Mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Pirin Mountain © Vladislav Terziyski
Hut Rai © Vladislav Terziyski
Many people stay in towns and cities and do not often go out of them. How would you make these people go out and feel the beauty of nature with all their senses?

Anyone being asked by me if he/she likes mountains, says, “Oh, yes, I like mountains”, but the truth is that most people find it difficult to find their way to it.

When I started going to the mountains, there were not so many young people, but over time I have noticed that I meet more and more people of my age and younger.
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