Issue 3 - Success Stories Magazine
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Success Stories Magazine
Млечен път над езеро Тевно Езеро Тевно и заслон

Success Stories Mag

Issue 3

Articles in this issue:

Coaching techniques


Luisa Grigorovа – actress, model and producer

Mountains, night photography and sports events

The talent of Preyah

Nasimo in the world of graffiti art

Annie Trippah – a creative personality in Finland

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Vladislav Terziyski

What is common between successful people and what stimulates them to make small steps to the goal? Once the goal is achieved, do they continue in the same direction or start something completely different?

We, the authors of the Success Stories Mag, are in search of the answers to these questions.

Through interviews with successful people, each month we reveal to you different perspectives.

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This is issue 3.

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Coaching image improve life

Coaching techniques – how to improve your life

The aim of coaching is to improve visibly someone’s life in the shortest time possible, dealing with the way people think, make decisions and act.

bike kickstarter Success Kickstarter


In this interview, Martin shares how the idea about their bike Halfbike was born, what difficulties they have gone through and how they became millionaires in less than a month.

actress and model young girl face

Luisa Grigorovа – actress, model and producer

Today we are talking with Luisa about the ambition, aspirations and dreams of a young girl who can and should serve as an example to be followed.

night photography Mountains photography

Mountains, night photography and sports events

When you get up in the morning and go out of the tent to the mountain ridge, looking at the red sky and the horizon from which the sun is about to come up, you realize that all this staying in the cold, the long walking and getting up early are worth it.

Interview RNB singer music talent 2016

The talent of Preyah

In this issue we will present a charming, extremely talented and very enthusiastic young performer. Her career has just begun, but she can already boast of 4 excellent video singles and an avalanche-like growing number of fans.

graffiti Success Storie graffiti art europe

Nasimo – in the world of graffiti art

Painter, graffiti writer, and for some time one of the main responsibles for the existence of Goloka Souldiers Movement and Wear – a movement involving graffiti, music, design of youth street clothing and much more.

creative personality in Finland lost meaning

Annie Trippah – a creative personality in Finland

In my art, I address people on the brink of despair, having lost meaning, faith and self-esteem. “Do not stop walking, even if you lose direction. All roads lead to yourself. ”

Live in harmony with nature

Nedelcho Laskov about NASA

One of Sweden’s most popular designers – Interview with Ida Sjöstedt

The big dreams, courage and insatiable spirit of adventure
modern community center

А modern community center as a cultural center in the city

TarnovoRUNS – organization for sport and health
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