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Success Stories Magazine
Polina Choparinova

Issue 2 – November 2015

A creative personality in Switzerland

Gergana Rohner

A girl in Switzerland, combining the talent and the creativity of an artist, the ambition of an entrepreneur and the radiance of a friend.

Gergana Roner is with very colorful personality, just like her paintings.

Polina Choparinova for Success Stories:
Where do you live and what is your occupation?

Gergana Rohner:
I have been living in Zurich for 11 years and I am pleased to say that art has not ceased to be my profession. I created the largest collection of paintings, depicting Switzerland in pop art style. The images are quite fresh and modern, fitting perfectly into their time.

Soon a large part of them will be used for the design of the packaging of the second largest brand chocolates in Switzerland. A boutique book is about to come off the press – “Zurich Guide”, which will be fully illustrated with my pop art images of the city.

© Gergana Rohner
How did your professional path start?

As a student I used to draw pictures for different places of amusement for the purpose of decorating them.

Professionally, my work began in Zurich. I have the chance and I am lucky to work for large companies and photo galleries. The contact with professionals in the industry is an integral part of the path to success. One must learn from everyone and everything that happens.
Was it difficult for you to make your reputation at first and to make people believe in you?

I think it is not easy and quick for anyone to establish oneself.

This is a process that requires time, tenacity, persistence, effort and a lot of faith in yourself.

If all this is in place, things happen.
© Gergana Rohner
Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

I love to travel and to see each element creating this place – from the smallest element of a house to the street art in the streets. Barcelona is very inspiring for me, a parade of colors and shapes.

Sometimes a wall covered with posters can inspire me for something, I see all forms in things not shaped yet.
How did the idea of Pop Yourself flash on you?

The site was offering pictures, made after photos of the customer. They could be in the style pop art – Andy Warhol, or the comics of Roy Lichtenstein, Banksi, collage or graffiti.

Now the site also offers additional pictures in limited editions that are sold with a certificate with a serial number.
In which galleries can one find and see your pictures?

Most of the galleries that sell them are located in the old town of Zurich. This is the artistic part of the city which is a bankers’ one otherwise.
Beside images, what other things do you convert into art?

We usually think of art as something that should be framed and decorate walls. I have always wanted other forms and different options to be displayed.

Printing on textile is one of these options, so I recently began to experiment in this area. My first collection of scarves is already a fact. I have used high-quality wool, very fine and soft. The summer collection will be made of silk, and I have been focused on colorful floral motifs, combined with graphic black and white elements. As a whole, my concept is to create non-standard decorative schemes that differ from standard prints.

I would like to conclude with a favorite sentence of mine, and it is:

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”
© Gergana Rohner
Learn more about Gergana Rohner:

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