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When you are young...

By Diyan Rusev
Images: Pexels (Pixabay)

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When you are young, your ambitions for development are not one or two.

Dreams are as big as you let them be.

Each of us decides what is best and most correct for them and fights to achieve their dreams.

We live in times in which many young people leave their homeland for one reason or another.

Some seek knowledge, others look for work, and still others want a comfortable life abroad.

I am of the opinion that one day this process will turn upside down.

Instead many of us to leave their homeland in search of something better, we will realize that the best place is where you were born, and more people will start coming back carrying the values ​​that have been acquired in foreign countries.

But now it’s time to learn the lesson that life provides.

And despite the circumstances we have to go forward with confidence, trusting the process.


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