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TarnovoRUNS – organization for sport and health

Interview with Victor Galabov

By Ivan Belchev

Victor Galabov is an idealist, having confidence that the country’s future depends on his actions. He tells us about TarnovoRUNS.

These are popular trainings consisting of: outdoor fitness, jogging, hiking in the region, bar exercises, discussions and seminars for strong and healthy living through proper nutrition, as well as various social campaigns, rallying people.

Thousands of people joined our group and hundreds came to the park! Health is not a wish, it is built with hard work in the right direction! For two years, without a budget! Over 200 meetings for training, yoga, hiking, seminars, movies. This is a place for everyone: from the fastest to the slowest, from the strongest to the weakest, from the heaviest to the lightest, from the most knowledgeable to the one willing to gain new knowledge. This is a group that aims to give the opportunity to discuss and organize, share and help each other in our city.

Victor Galabov © TarnovoRUNS

Change is significant. Of course, it takes time. Naturally, the greatest change can be seen in people who have been part of TarnovoRuns for months. They are now fully aware of the responsibility to their bodies. Health becomes part of their daily lives, they seek it and work hard for it. Their attitude towards life changes, a new spirit of positivism and spirit of support and understanding the fellow man has arisen. Social barriers, prejudices, stigmas, fears have been broken and consequently more social, positive and active in every way people have been “born”.

At the moment our main priority and focus is to build a free Health Information Centre, which deals with the promotion of movement and sports activities, proper nutrition and overall health improvement among people.

If you want to feel better physically and mentally, it is important to focus on physical activity and not just engage in annoying and painful diets.

outdoor fitness © TarnovoRUNS
outdoor activity with children © TarnovoRUNS
Sport outside © TarnovoRUNS
Hiking in bulgaria © TarnovoRUNS

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