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Natural and bio cosmetics, made in Great Britain

Interview with Daniela James

By Julia Jarvis
Images: Daniela James

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Daniela James lives in the beautiful Wales, UK, for 5 years now. She has a natural cosmetics business, which is popular on the island with the brand name Guardian Angel.

I am interested in the alternative methods of healing and the natural way of life since the birth of my daughter. She was getting sick often and there was no use of the pharmaceutical products. One day I threw all of these products away and started to read. I started to treat the cough with onion juice and boosted the immunity system with Elderberry syrup. My daughter does not know her doctor anymore.

The magic of the herbs, oils and decoctions fascinated me and I realized, that this is what I want to do – to help people discover this magic and to get in touch with it. I share everything I tested on me and my loved ones in my Facebook page – recipes for health and beauty from the Nature. It is great that more and more people are turning to the natural way of life and realize that Nature has given us many precious gifts, which were a bit forgotten. I often get messages from people, who cannot believe that they can look and feel good, using only natural products.

Guardian Angel is the name, which my husband gave to my products. I wish you all that your guardian angel protects you always!

Guardian Angel

Daniela James family

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