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Delicious cakes by Lidiya conquered London

A “tasty” interview with Lidiya Todorova

Cover image by Irena White Photography

This interview will be a “ tasty” interview. We will be talking about cakes, sponges, cream, icing sugar cake toppers and even a cake shaped like a Harry Potter book. The maker of these unique cakes is called Lidiya and, together with her family, she has been living in London for the last 12 years.

Lidiya started her cake business six years ago, and back then she didn’t expect such success and growth.

Hello Lidiya. Thank you for taking the time to be our guest and share your story with the readers of Successful Stories magazine. Tell us more about your cake business “Lidiya’s Sweet Kitchen”

“Lidiya’s Sweet Kitchen” is the name that I gave to my hobby and passion, which later turned into a small business.  It all started 6 years ago. Then I only knew how to bake a basic homemade cake and a few made up cakes. A friend of mine, obviously keen on my baking skills then, gave me the idea to start baking for people and start selling on a small scale. I didn’t take her seriously, but soon friends started to ask me to make them a cake and, after few recommendations, my baking hobby turned into a small business. As I said,  I didn’t know what I am heading ahead.

Българка прави торти в Лондон © Lidiya Todorova
What are the most common type of cakes that you make for your clients?

The birthday cakes for children are the most common. I am especially passionate about first birthday cakes. The mums that place the orders are so keen and that first big cake for their child is very important to them and the whole family.

Was it easy to start your own cake business, in terms of finances and investments? My business is relatively small. I didn’t expect to grow at the level where I am at the moment. The demand of specific cake themes made me buy different cutters, trays, shapes, etc., over time.  Thanks to my orders I had to make some investments in cake tools. The biggest spending that I have made so far is the building of my cake shed in the back of my garden. It’s a newly build and furnished kitchen where I do all my baking, decorating, etc.

Рецепта за торта за рожден ден © Irena White Photography
Сладкарка на торти в Англия © Irena White Photography
3 вида детски торти © Lidiya Todorova
Торта за рожден ден за възрастен човек © Lidiya Todorova

My passion is to make cakes and tasty things.

See more at Lidiya’s Sweet Kitchen

Is your background in cake making? No, it’s not. The only cake decorating classes that I’ve done are free online courses. I have spent hours researching, reading and watching videos to come to the level where I am now. What does your kitchen usually smell like?

It smells of what is in the oven at that moment. It is usually vanilla, chocolate..

Do you make mistakes in the kitchen sometimes? That happens sometimes. It’s important for your client not to find that out and for you to keep it to yourself. In these cases I start all over again. That used to happen in the beginning, when I was still learning.

Торти за детски рожден ден © Lidiya Todorova
You are a mum of two school children. Many mums would dream of your kind of job, working from home and at the same time being around your children and family life. Is that your dream job? Working from home is definitely an advantage. In my case I spend most of the day and sometimes the night until 2-3 am at the back of the garden in my kitchen. I rely a lot on my husband, who helps a lot with the kids. I try to balance home life with work, but it’s hard sometimes. How do you see yourself in few years time?

At the moment I don’t give my self high expectations. Time will tell. After my kids grow up more and get more independent, I hope to dedicate even more time to my business.

Finally what is your advice to those who are thinking to turn their hobby into a business? To be courageous and to believe in themselves.  To remember that clients are always right and your attitude towards them should always be kind and polite. And last, but not least, to work hard to achieve what they want.

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