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If you stop dreaming, you stop walking!

Interview with the Rapper Bobby Kinta

By Ivelina Dimitrova

The Rapper Bobby Kinta abandoned the police uniform and devoted to art. The songs that he makes are filled with many truths about life and differ from those of most of his colleagues, because every word in his lyrics has a meaning. He doesn’t sing about material possessions that he doesn’t have, but about things in life he has faced with and experienced as emotions.

I am one of those who love to experiment with themselves and what they can do. I have never put limitations on myself and have tried to develop everything that I feel I like to do.

Bobby Kinta © Bobby Kinta

I don’t know how many of us could be called successful, but for me it’s important in whose eyes you want to be successful. I would call myself successful because I do what I like, the way I like it.

I don’t think that if I’m not on TV all the time, I can’t be successful. I’m successful for people who listen to me, those who I have touched and find themselves in my words. If I’ve touched someone with my words, I think I could be called successful. Anyone could be successful as long as they believe and they’re not greedy.

Anyone who truly puts soul into what they do, whether it’s music, sport or anything else, could be called successful.


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