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Hip-Hop dancers are getting ready for the biggest dance competition in the world

Interview with Plamen Andreev-Pacho and Zdravko Kostadinov

By Ivan Belchev
Images: Plamen Andreev-Pacho and
Zdravko Kostadinov

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The Trap Show project got together two unique professionals in the year 2014. They are Plamen Andreev-Pacho and Zdravko Kostadinov – two choreographs and dancers, who are in love with Hip-Hop.


Pacho: Dancing attracted me with the opportunity to visualize the music you love. I liked the way people moved, listening to their favorite tunes… the moves were suited perfectly… I haven’t seen anything like that and I was hooked. Now I teach and I have a Hip-Hop dance label, called Pachoville and I am proud to share, that today I have a class, in which I was the student and the teacher was … one of my first students. This is one of the things that make me very happy these days. We are setting bigger and bigger goals for ourselves and, as you may know, our main goal at the moment is to blow up the scene at HIP HOP INTERNACIONAL. That is the biggest Hip-Hop Dance Competition in the world, which takes place every year in Las Vegas and there are gathering all the big names of this scene.


Zdravko: The dances are cool and make you happy. I started as a teenager with break dancing. I watched clips and films, which inspired me to continue training and dancing. Upon coming to Sofia, I found myself in a Latino Dance school and got familiar with the Salsa and the Cuban Rhythms. After two years of Salsa, I decided to follow my heart and get involved with Hip-Hop dancing, so I stepped in the Studio Dance Zonе classes. After just a few classes I was invited to start teaching Hip-Hop (around that time I decided to drop out of the University and to focus on the dancing). Years of teaching experience followed many engagements in music videos, commercials and tours. Somewhere in the middle of all that I decided to continue on my own and to start building Groovez – my own zone of teaching, in which to continue exploring the vast world of dancing


Pacho: Moonwalk  is an online course, which we created together with Facing The Sun. The lessons are created for people with no dance experience, fans of the music, who want to learn the trendy hip-hop moves. I have to say that after taking all the 12 lessons, a person gets a decent start as a hip-hop dancer.

How To Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

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