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Halfbike 3 – The New Type of Urban Vehicle

By Success Stories Team
Images: Koleliniа

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Halfbike became the most funded Kickstarter vehicle to date back in 2015.

Today Koleliniа introduces the latest version of Halfbike and reveals the true story behind the project.

Or what it takes to walk against the mainstream trends in the bike industry and keep a business fair and sustainable.

The project shows the evolution of Halfbike in its path from a toy to play around with to a successful product. Now refined and optimized in every detail.

The result is the most compact and lightest stand-up vehicle, stronger and sturdier. It has more gears and a completely new braking system.

A quick release system is added for instant folding. Halfbike 3 is more ergonomic, user friendly and maneuverable.

halfbike 3

What is a Halfbike

Halfbike is a new type of urban vehicle. It uses the basic driving mechanism of a standard bicycle.

Everything else, however, is redesigned. It brings you closer to natural walking and you control the vehicle with your whole body, not just your hands.

Shifting the rider’s body weight to either side makes the vehicle turn. The result is an intuitive flow-like motion – similar to the one in skiing.

bike kickstarter

Riding a Halfbike

Riding a Halfbike is a full-body exercise. Apart from legs, it (also) works to strengthen core and arm muscles.

Improves balance, reflexes and concentration and provides good cardio exercise. The stand-up rider position is close to walking or running and leaves the chest open and unconstrained.

This allows a more efficient and natural respiratory activity compared to cycling. In terms of exercise level and physical activity riding a Halfbike comes between walking and jogging.

Yet, the flow motion almost completely eliminates impact stress and is gentler to the joints compared to running.

Own a Halfbike 3

Through the years the Halfbike creators have been guided by their passion for the outdoors and a core belief that with small but confident steps they can keep a business fair and sustainable.
Loyalty to local manufacturing and direct customer relationship are at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

Halfbike is available for on Kickstarter


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