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How to get a job in London

By Ivan Belchev
Images: CC0 License

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There is no such thing as luck in a big, multicultural, cosmopolitan city like London. Everyone here has come up with hope to achieve their dreams, work in the field they want and basically to live better than before. Competition is enormous. The truth is that here you need to be able to present yourself well, even if it sounds harsh – so that you can sell yourself. The impression you leave and your charisma, if you have it, are important. People here are very busy and want to see you have the whole package – talent, attitude, speed, quality. Hiring of inexperienced employee leads to bad consequences and no one wants this in their company. If you want something here, you should be focused, ambitious and fight tooth and nail to achieve it. Many people quit when they face the obstacles. Supply is enormous, especially in the field of fashion and art, as you can spot talents on the street, in the cafe, on the subway, literally everywhere. Everyone is welcome to show what they are capable of, seeking their “public”.

From the interview with Tanya Kancheva.


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